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4 hours ago [F] Gandy created a new topic TheSentinel
Hi m8, one of our head admins is looking into your application now. He cant seem...
7 hours ago [F] Gandy added a video Gandy Playing well
1 day ago [F] Gandy replied to the topic New Patch Notes
Thanks Mikey, thought only Dev put walls of text up lol. It is appreciated m8. e...
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2 days ago [F] Gandy created a new topic Testing Top posters
Just seeing if this shows up in top poster section. evil:
2 days ago [F] Gandy just joined the community [TROG] Test-site
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For Visiting The Site 100 Times

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2 days ago [F] Gandy replied to the topic Nuketown trailer
Looks good. Might be better without the wall running. I think the wall running r...
3 days ago [F] Gandy created a new topic TROG gameplay & the name & shame page
First off, I have uploaded a video of my gameplay earlier today. We will be usin...
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4 days ago [F] Gandy replied to the topic Devlog #1
I don't think anyone can complain about their intensions m8. It looks like they ...
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5 days ago [F] Gandy
We hope you like the new look of the site. It is a bit easier to read the text now & looks a lot better. It is still a work in progress & we hope to have it finished soon.

Cheers: Gandy Clan Founder

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Hi, welcome to Totally Ruthless Old Gits new home.  We are busy messing around with this site at moment. Once the site is how we like it; we will remove this notification. Please be patient & feel free to give us input into our site.  If you think something needs to be added please leave a post in the forum or contact an admin. We want the site to be welcoming to guest's as-well as members.

Cheers: Gandy  Clan Founder