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13th Sep [C M] FEATHERS created a new topic TS
Hi, i haven't been on for a while, has ts changed? when i log in it says new use...
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13th Sep [A] wraith created a new topic COD modern warfare beta keys
Has anyone else got a beta key for the new cod? they are £4.99 on cd keys and th...
10th Sep [C M] tank1971 created a new topic call of duty
well well since ive been play bf this week i found out that 10 bf main players a...
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12th Sep [H A] Bunny created a new topic Destiny 2 clan
I have setup a destiny 2 clan so if anyone wants to join log in to bungie.net an...
8th Sep [A] wraith created a new topic hi peeps.
Sorry i been absent but things just got mental at work. shift changes cover shif...
17th Aug [H A] Bunny created a new topic Destiny 2 cross save
With destiny cross save feature coming soon i will be moving over to destiny on ...
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