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8th Sep [C M] Pyro8813 received the award Thank you very much

For Donating £50.00. Thank you very much.

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6 days ago [C C] bumblebee received the award Thank you very much indeed

For donating £5.00 to clan. Thank you very much indeed

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11th Sep [H A] Bunny created a new topic Might be bk for blops cold war
Hi all, Long time no speak, after seeing the new cod and how it looks depending...
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12th Sep [P] Astridge117
8th Sep [P] Astridge117 made a donation of 5.00 GBP
6th Sep [P] Thor received the award Welcome to Clan

For being accepted into clan

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6th Sep [P] Astridge117 received the award Splatter:

For members who squash team mates with care packages.

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6th Sep [P] Astridge117 was accepted through the application Join Totally Ruthless Old Gits
6th Sep [P] Thor was accepted through the application Join Totally Ruthless Old Gits
5th Sep [P] Astridge117 received the award Welcome to our site

For registering on site

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[A] wraith 10:48
andy where is the link for the new site?
[F] Gandy 16th Sep
Struggling with everything lol. It says you can build a gaming site but think it is too complicated. Now started on on enjin. Scott AKA Crash has all the info for background and banner as he built it. Hope he can get it on new site. We need SSL on the site to get more users/visitors interested. :de
[C M] Pyro8813 16th Sep
Morning all!
[P] Astridge117 14th Sep
Gandy Wix is a real good website engine. Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about it though. My partner does all the bits for my business so she might be able to help. What is it your struggling with?
[F] Gandy 14th Sep
Having problems building the site on wix. Any help or input would be appreciated. ;devil:
[F] Gandy 14th Sep
Nice to see chat box being used lol. Afternoon all. I hope you all have a great day. Thinking of moving to another provider, wix looks good. No ssl still with this provider. I think it stops people using site so as long as you all agree we can move once our time is up.
[P] Astridge117 13th Sep
Haha it’s only planning new videos for the next few weeks so nothing too tasking
[C C] bumblebee 13th Sep
working on a sunday! madness lol
[P] Astridge117 13th Sep
Bee just getting some work done and then il be online
[C C] bumblebee 13th Sep
afternoon all, hope youre all enjoying your Sunday
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