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10th Nov 2018

The developers have posted up a devlog, worth a read if you're interested in the game: ... /1703944765542148477


Quote[Regarding server issues at launch]

We pushed the button and it worked fine for some time. After that Master Server started to get overloaded by all the players trying to play at once. While our dedicated game servers were doing fine, our Master Servers couldn’t handle the logging in and sending profile data to all players, as well as saving all the customization, item buying traffic and metagame updates. Because we focused on security over performance, it backfired and we soon realized this is not something we can fix in a matter of minutes and it will need an overhaul. We disabled a lot of the functionality that was already there to let at least some people play and we started fixing without wasting any time.

This was Friday evening after a pretty exhausting week of making sure everything is all buttoned up. The team stayed at work for the whole weekend (with a few hours of sleep each, don’t worry!). The pizza we got from our Discord community was really helpful as well, we ate it all, thank you very much for that. It was not only something to feed us, but also very uplifting gesture among the chaos and non-stop work. By Sunday evening we managed to stabilize the game enough to have most players get to the game, but that was with quick fixes, rather than proper rewrite, so after a few more hours of sleep and a few fresh people we started rewriting the Master Server to utilize new architecture. We had to have someone watching servers and restarting them as needed 24/7 for the last two weeks, which meant the team switched to working three shifts to make sure there’s always someone there. We’ve all done the best we could and the team showed they will not break under pressure and handle whatever happens.
QuoteOur main priorities now are:

Bug fixing and making the game better on a base level with balancing and quality of life improvements,
Adding new experiences, new ways to play,
New content – all kind of totally new ingame content like weapons, strikes, maps and so on
QuoteLastly we wanted to touch on people playing unfair. We’re fully aware of the problem and it’s not being ignored. We’ve been issuing bans since day one (thank you for your reports!) and those still continue.There’s a system behind how we’re doing it, but due to the nature of this issue we can’t really share any details on how this process works. Rest assured we’re not taking this lightly and this is something we are monitoring very closely. We are also working to include a reporting function inside the game, but – if you didn’t know – you can report bad behaviour and cheats with screenshot or video links at We’re looking at them and banning players accordingly and we’ve fixed a few vulnerabilities thanks to your help as well.

I'll be back playing it when my monitor is fixed (as in other thread - mint game, a bit more hardcore/tactical than Battlefield in some respects, but with some arcadeyness like scorestreaks - also didn't see any cheaters in the games I was in). Good to see their plans & that they are acting on feedback.

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11th Nov 2018

I don't think anyone can complain about their intensions m8. It looks like they are doing their best.
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