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12th Feb 2019

Hiya all,
just wanted to tip any Battle Royale fans off (if they haven't heard of it already) of a game called Spellbreak.
It's a battle royale game under development (currently in closed Alpha phase, with the NDA lifted today i can finally talk about it ) that is a little different than the typical BR's. It focuses on magic instead of weapons you choose between different "classes" for passive bonuses, during the game you pick up gear etc like normal, but weapon-wise you equip 2 gauntlets with elemental properties, using these gauntlets you shoot and combine different elements. For example, if you have 1 Poison and 1 lightning gauntlet, you can shoot a poison cloud on the ground and then shooting it with lightning to make the cloud electrified etc.
Graphic wise it has a cartoonish style but i find it quite beautiful and the effects are quite nice.

Here's a link to some gameplay from it.
https://www.youtube.com/w ... atch?v=UU7C6Sj-UA0

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12th Feb 2019

Seen stuff about that game towards end of last year, looked quite damn cool to be honest. Though I'm really not a fan of Epic Game Store, so I likely won't play it if it remains exclusive.
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13th Feb 2019

I like it alot as it offers something new to the genre and it runs and looks great.
The devs are great and chat and post updates with the testers every day which is a bit unusual but a good thing as we get to help shape the game at a very early stage rather than in close-to-launch betas.

They were going with Steam originally but unfortunately had to switch to Epic recently as Steams policy didn't work for them atm, the devs said Steam don't allow the closed testing that they want so they would have to make the game Early access and so far they want to keep the testers limited.
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