Humble WB Classics Bundle
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27th Oct 2018

https://www.humblebundle. ... ames-classics-bundle

Is currently ~£3.50 for:

  • Mad Max (belter underrated open world game, excellent PC port)
  • Shadow of Mordor GOTY (also belter open world game)
  • Batman: Arkham Origins (very good game, but very similar to Arkham City)
  • Injustice (very good fighting game)
  • Bastion (pretty mint indie game, excellent story)
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited (great game for kids)

Excellent value - I got about 80 hours out of Mad Max alone. For those liking the new Assassin's Creed games, Mad Max and Shadow of Mordor should be right up your back alleys.

The $12 tier also has Arkham Knight, but AFAIK the PC port is still pretty crap.
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