GRIP: Combat Racing
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10th Nov 2018

In case this game is up anyone else's alley - GRIP is out of early access (after ~3 years). It's a spiritual successor to Rollcage, with one of the developers of the Rollcage games working on it.

I'd been playing it during early access and it was pretty mint then - is nice and fully fleshed out now though. The racing is hilariously fast, some of the tracks are a bit mind-bending, and the combat is great. About my only criticism is the rubber-banding AI, it's a pain but doesn't dampen things.

Btw, if you loved Rollcage, or never played it (you missed out!), the same developer has made 1 & 2 available free with updates to run on modern systems:

Rollcage Redux
Rollcage Extreme

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