Destiny 2 FREE on battlenet
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2nd Nov

If anyone hasnt got destiny 2 and wants it the base version is free on Battlenet for a limited time, might be another game to play with the clan from time to time
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2nd Nov

Can claim it from here if you don't have it/can't from client: https://account.blizzard. ... com/gifts/

Also seen comments that some of the DLC will be free soon (not all though)

* edit - that's a rumour BTW about the DLC, so don't take as gospel.

Someone may correct me (& please be happy to), but as with the first game, there was a lot of criticism about the base game being a bit of a demo for the DLC, then the base game being nerfed quite a bit when the DLC came out to get people to purchase it.

It's another £40 to get Forsaken which adds the currently released DLC (expansions I & II), then the new season pass for Forsaken is another £30.

But if the base game is still good enough to get together and have some fun with the clan, definitely worth picking up anyways.
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3rd Nov

Cheers for inf. Got it now, thanks very much.

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