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11th Dec 2018

A post for anyone visiting the site to find out what the TROG clan is like:
  • We play on PC only
  • We're 18+ only
  • The atmosphere in the clan and TeamSpeak is very relaxed - we're in it to relax, have good craic and enjoy ourselves. Members are welcome to pop in even when playing something else if they just want some bantz
  • As we are 18+ only & want to enjoy ourselves - swearing etc is fine in TeamSpeak, and we will also make off-colour jokes to each other. A sense of humour is required.
  • We won't abuse each other seriously though, nor abuse other players in game
  • We strictly don't allow any cheaters in our clan with a zero-tolerance policy - we play fair
  • We're English-speaking, based in UK and western Europe. Most of our members are in the UK, but we have members from Europe currently in Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and Germany.
  • Your English doesn't have to be perfect at all, just good enough for us all to understand each other so that you have a good time
  • We're a smaller clan after dropoff from the last two games, moving sites twice, and having issues with signups whilst on the previous site, but are building ourselves back up
  • We've got an even spread of age range - roughly equal amounts in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's - plus one token old fogey in their 60's. We do not act our age though.
  • We normally play hardcore TDM in games. Some members may also play other modes if asked (I'll play other modes if in the mood), or different games entirely, but HC TDM (especially in Black Ops 4) is the go-to at the moment
  • We welcome gamers of all skill levels as long as they use the mic to help the team. We'll do our best to help you improve too if you want to.
  • So we don't care about your K/D ratio, no matter how high or how low. If you can have fun with us, play fair, help the team do well, and have a damn good laugh: then you'll be welcomed.
  • Yes - Gandy is indeed a southerner, so please stop asking, thanks

Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay - if this sounds like your type of place, then ---> click here to join us <---
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