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15th Nov 2018

Hi m8, one of our head admins is looking into your application now. He cant seem to find your  Steam: _xk03nx_ any help with this would speed up application. If you can post a link to it great. If you don't feel like posting a link in the forums you can PM him, Bunny is the one lookking into your application. It is only for checking foir bans, nothing else.  Good luck with application, sent you TS info through email, just incase you would like to join us & check us out.

Cheers: Andy  AKA Gandy Clan Founder

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Forum » Welcome To TROG Forums » General Chat
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[F] Gandy 15:11
Evening all. I hope you are all ell. :evil:
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Evening all, hope you are all enjoying gaming. I hope you are all well.
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