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Clan Tags and Clan hoping
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26th Apr

Right this has been in place now for some time, as a clan we are probably the looset "lets just play clan about" ..... but please don`t be offending when removed.

Below is taken from our very simple rules, which to be honest we don`t force people to obide by except the one below because it generally caused offence to more than a few people.


If you have an account with TROG in the name and want to revert to just your name then that is fine, providing when in game you can add the "Clan Tag - TROG" to your name. This shows commitment, friendship to other members, and other gamers that you are already in a clan. Its also a good way to promote the clan.

If you require to play with other groups in games we don`t play there is nothing we can do. But at least wear your Clan Tags.

If you are caught in any game with another Clan Tag on, or decide to change your account name to include an affiliation that isnt TROG
Then please don`t complain when you are removed instantly.
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27th Apr

Well said Lego.

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