Calling it a day.
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27th Oct 2018

Ok guys and gals

Been a while coming but I'm calling it a day Clan wise. Had a good laugh and have made some good friends, but to be honest just not feeling it anymore.

So I respectfully hand in my tags and wish you all well. 

Thanks for everything and good luck

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27th Oct 2018

No probs m8. You take care & hope you get back to gaming soon. 

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27th Oct 2018

G'luck then Nex, hope to hear from you soon!
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28th Oct 2018

I do know what you mean Nex - 'twas fun playing Division with you though and all those 'cups of tea' you had to make.
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28th Oct 2018

All the best Nex!
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31st Oct 2018

No probs Nex, Take care and look after yourself!!
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6th Nov 2018

tc m8
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9th Nov 2018

cya around Nex. was fun while it lasted.
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