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6th Feb 2019

hi chaps, sorry i have not been on lately been applying for jobs and building a web site for self employment. i should be on tonight and a bit more regularly.
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6th Feb 2019

No worries feathers! Take all the time you need
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7th Feb 2019

hi m8 take all the time
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8th Feb 2019

Hey Feathers if you get stuck or need a hand with your website give me a shout, always happy to help.

I have literally just finished one for a cleaning company near me, take a look

https://www.alldone-duste ... d.co.uk/

as a resume take a look at these all my own work.

http://www.stonehousedent ... ist.co.uk/

http://www.deltanine.co.u ... k/


http://thecoachingwarrior ... .co.uk/

Just to give you an idea.
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